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At Online Exams we work tirelessly to find the very best services that help learners sit online exams at home. All examinations we recommended are accredited and regulated which means they have oversight from a regulatory body such as Ofqual and input from JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications). We always ensure that the online exams recommended clearly display their awarding body so you can see which exam board the exam is sat with. 

At Online Exams, one of our key focus points is the Functional Skills Level 2 online exams as these are GCSE equivalents. We also help people with booking functional skills level 1 exams in both English and Maths. The level 1 functional skills exams are a good way to build up to the level 2, but these are not GCSE equivalents. With the functional skills level 2 exams in Maths and English being online, they are more convenient than going to a testing centre and the results usually come back much faster. 


Ofqual regulates most online exams that are recognised by Universities and employers. Ofqual ensures that online exams meet the criteria to properly examine the curriculum that is set out by the UK government and that the grades and levels given to learners are fairly and consistently awarded across all exam boards. If an exam is Ofqual regulated then you have the reassurance it will help with your UCAS application and should improve employment chances.

Exam Boards

Major exam boards include AQA, Edexcel (Pearson), OCR, City & Guilds, Open Awards, NCFE and many more. The exam board you sit with is not that important as they are all of equal value. Sometimes learners think that certain exam boards are easier than others, this is incorrect, all exam boards are of equal difficulty and cover the same curriculum, therefore there really is little difference as to which exam board you sit with. Other factors such as cost and convenience should be more important when selecting which exam board to sit with. Occasionally for subjects such as science, there can be slight differences in content in the examinations, so in these instances, it is important to revise for the correct exam board. For nearly all online maths exams, including functional skills maths level 2, the exam boards cover exactly the same content, so there is no real difference between them at all. At Online Exams, we work with providers who offer a selection of different exam boards for all sorts of different exams, but with a particular focus on online functional skills exams, level 1 and level 2. 


No! Our online exams are built with an anticheat detection software that disables all addons and extensions you may try to use to cheat on one of these exams. Your screen and camera will also be shared with the invigilator so they can keep an eye on what you’re doing and report any suspicious activities they may see during your exam.

The online exams are quite simple. You book the date ahead of time through the purchasing system on our website. When it comes to your choice of exam date, your invigilator will send you a Zoom invite (Being the Meeting ID and Passcode) up to 30 minutes before your exam is due to begin. Please then join the Zoom call and listen to the invigilator, they will be able to explain the rest from there.

The online exams we provide are called “Functional Skills” exams. We also have “Equivalency” exams as well which are equivalent to GCSE level exams.

Of course! We provide online exams to all learners that request them. We have Functional Skills exams for learners wanting to take English and Maths. As well as equivalency exams for those wanting English, Maths, Combined Science or Biology!